Data Centre Design Inc. has been involved in Data Centre design, construction, operation, monitoring and documentation projects for 34 years. We work with you using Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and analysis templates designed from industry experience to design and build your Data Centre correctly the first time. We perform analysis of your data centre facility and provide appropriate solutions. We determine floor space and environmental requirements considering long-term usage, provide budget estimates and construction schedules. If desired, we continue to work with you, contracting local industry professionals to install and commission access flooring, uninterruptible power supply, power distribution, standby generator, fire suppression, facilities monitoring and water detection systems. Or, we can stay involved as Subject Matter Experts working to protect your interests with your selected Architects, Engineers and Contractors.

We consider energy efficiency and scalability in all our designs. We have experience with energy saving economizers, free cooling, lighting solutions and geothermal cooling.

Computer, accessory manufacturers and Network providers are mainly interested in selling you hardware and network services - not necessarily building you a correct Data Centre. Despite the fact we offer what we feel are some of the best DC products available, we are Vendor neutral in our designs - your brand choices are what matter.

Data Centre Design Inc. manages your data centre project to exacting standards. To ensure the correct facilities are in place to support your current and future infrastructure plans, contact us at

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