Real-Time Data Center Monitoring Examples

All metrics can be configured for real-time threshold notification


Router Traffic

Server Active Processes

Server Disk Utilization

Server Interface Traffic


Glycol Pumps On/Off

Glycol Pumps Power - Kilowatt Hours

CRAC Compressor 1 Runtime

CRAC Compressor 2 Runtime

CRAC Compressor Stages Running

CRAC Return Air Humidity Level

CRAC Return Air Temperature

CRAC Energy Saver On/Off

CRAC Heating Stages Running

CRAC High Humidity Level

CRAC High Temperature Level

CRAC Humidifier Running

CRAC Humidifier Runtime - Hours

CRAC Low Humidity Level

CRAC Low Temperature Level

CRAC Unit Set Point


Temperature 1

Temperature 2

Generator Enclosure Temperature - the test for Unit Heater function

Glycol Cooling Loop A Temperature

Glycol Cooling Loop B Temperature

UPS Room Temperature


Facility Power - Total, Mechanical and IT Load

UPS Attached Remote Panel Loads


Demand Maximum

Current - per Phase


Kilowatt Hours

Remote UPS Attached Console Area Load


Start Battery Voltage - Health Check

Coolant Temperature - Block Heater and Motorized Louvers Function

Engine Speed - RPM

Engine Oil Pressure - PSI

Engine Runtime - Hours

Generator Voltage - per Phase


Power Usage Effectiveness - Total Facility Power/IT Load

Total Power Cost - Dollars

Watts per Square Foot

IT Power Consumption

Residental Environment Metrics

Main Floor Temperature - test for Furnace Function

Basement Temperature

Detached Garage Temperature - test for Unit Heater Function

Attic Space Temperature - Roof Heat Load Monitor

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