Real-Time Data Center Monitoring Examples
All metrics can be configured for real-time threshold notification

Data Center Monitoring Metrics

Data Center Computer Hardware

Data Center Network Router Traffic

Data Center Server Active Processes

Data Center Server Disk Utilization

Data Center Server Interface Traffic

Data Center Cooling System

Data Center Glycol Pumps On/Off

Data Center Pump Power - Kilowatt Hours

Data Center Environment

Data Center Temperature 1

Data Center Temperature 2

Data Center Generator Enclosure Temperature - the test for Unit Heater function

Data Center Glycol Cooling Loop A Temperature

Data Center Glycol Cooling Loop B Temperature

Data Center UPS Room Temperature

Data Center Power

Data Center Facility Power - Total, Mechanical and IT Load

Data Center UPS Attached Remote Panel Loads


Data Center Demand Maximum

Data Center Current - per Phase

Data Center Voltage

Data Center Kilowatt Hours

Data Center Remote UPS Attached Console Area Load

Data Center Air Conditioning

CRAC Compressor 1 Runtime

CRAC Compressor 2 Runtime

CRAC Compressor Stages Running

CRAC Return Air Humidity Level

CRAC Return Air Temperature

CRAC Energy Saver On/Off

CRAC Heating Stages Running

CRAC High Humidity Level

CRAC High Temperature Level

CRAC Humidifier Running

CRAC Humidifier Runtime - Hours

CRAC Low Humidity Level

CRAC Low Temperature Level

CRAC Unit Set Point

Data Center Generator

Start Battery Voltage - Health Check

Coolant Temperature - Block Heater and Motorized Louvers Function

Engine Speed - RPM

Engine Oil Pressure - PSI

Engine Runtime - Hours

Generator Voltage - per Phase


Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness - Total Facility Power/IT Load

Data Center Total Power Cost - Dollars

Data Centre Watts per Square Foot

Data Center IT Power Consumption

Residental Environment Metrics

Residence Attic Space Temperature - Roof Heat Load Monitor

Residence Basement Temperature

Residence Detached Garage Temperature - the test for Heater Function

Residence Main Floor Temperature - the test for Furnace Function

Residence Ambient Air Temperature

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